Turnaround  CEO  


Accomplished, leader who leverages strong interpersonal, team & community building with business and investment acumen to consistently improve the experience for all stakeholders while over-achieving on organizational objectives through operational excellence.


” Dozens of words spring to mind about Peter’s essence, but “perceptive” and “visionary” muscle their way to the front. Perceptive because Peter can accurately ascertain a person’s motivations, strengths and weaknesses with remarkably little direct exposure. He has honed this skill through years of working with — and watching — other humans, but it’s also an innate strength. And visionary, because he can quickly assess and gather together a person’s strengths, tendencies, experiences and ideas, and spin that whole package forward into a concrete plan of action. He’ll explain it in plain terms, too. That’s an incredible value to someone who’s seeking advice or guidance, especially when time is in short supply. Peter’s satisfaction comes entirely from helping other people achieve their goals. That’s about the highest calling there is.” Alex.


“Are you starting to sense the organization will succeed under new leadership?

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