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The image of a kid honing his business skills by starting a community lemonade stand definitely fits Peter Elkins. From childhood, Peter has been fascinated by the convergence of business, community and entrepreneurialism.

Today, Peter is an accomplished business leader and advisor with start-up, growth and enterprise acumen. Before moving to Victoria from Vancouver in 2011, Peter built his reputation as one of B.C.’s leading business minds as a management consultant at Kaufman Global and as the CEO of GUTZ EMS, a medical device company. Not surprisingly, his entry into the medical device sector was inspired by his time as a paramedic in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Since arriving in Victoria, Peter has co-founded the Capital Investment Network, a grassroots organization dedicated to building Vancouver Island’s investment and entrepreneurial eco-system.

Peter is a compassionate, mindful business advisor who thrives on the support he provides. He is devoted to advising  leaders daily, supporting community organizations, and in Douglas magazine as a regular columnist on Entrepreneurship.

Co-founder at:

“Some people are naturally brilliant, while others work hard and apply themselves. However, when you can combine both of those assets, you get something pretty special…something very much like Peter.”

“Peter is motivated by the need to make a difference and be of service to those who he leads. His strength is in creating partnerships and strategic alliances while caring for people. He seeks to help others around him find personal fulfilment through their work.”

“His vision is global. Peter thrives in situations where he is allowed to see beyond the narrow boundaries of cause and effect. He loves to be in situations where he gets ahead when everybody gets ahead. He is generous, forgiving, compassionate and able to relate to people at many levels.”

“Peter has a real ability to inspire enthusiasm in people with a vision, and to help those people discover a place for themselves in that vision.”

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