Tri-sector Strategist Unlocking Trapped Value.

Accomplished serial entrepreneur and community economic development thought leader bringing a dynamic and insightful mind to tough social and economic issues.


Local living economies.

I have an abiding interest in rural economic development, helping communities that are already livable socially and environmentally to come up with an economic model that works for them. I want to convene and introduce new ideas from my experience as an entrepreneur in community economic development. 

Event-based financing
Conservation economics
Low-carbon economy
Revenue-based financing


I see entrepreneurship as not simply being synonymous with business: rather, it’s a way of looking at the world, and it’s a community development tool. My element is the convergence of community and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is like art — using existing building blocks to evolve a new offering into the world.

Autotelic learning
Platform government
Digital trust
Inquiry-driven interdisciplinary education
Founder and CEO of GUTZ EMS
Global management consultant with Kaufman


I am the founder of Project X, the cofounded the Capital Investment Network, the designer of Canada’s IMPACT Mortgage Fund. I’m interested in designing and implementing alternative investment models that help build and strengthen an economy for all.

Collaborative early-stage investing

 (event-based syndication)

Impact mortgage investment corporation

 (character-based lending)

Impact investment acceleration

(private equity search fund),

Shift capital

(local living economies).

“Peter is an entrepreneur and a supporter of entrepreneurs. He is a generous and knowledgeable business expert who can help the most novice or the most experienced businessperson acquire the skills and assets needed to be successful or to continue to excel. He is a quiet machine that keeps much of Victoria BC humming. Can’t say enough about how important he is to the health of our community.”

JEFF HOPKINS – Founder and Principal Educator, Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry

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I am always looking to work with like-minded people. If you want to find out more about what I'm doing, or want to work together,  please go ahead and get in touch.

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